Body Bar Exercises

Body Bar Exercises

Cardio, Strength, Stretch, Core, and so much more! (Oops - this was filmed with the camera in the "vertical" setting...just to keep you on your toes :)).

Body Bar Exercises
  • Body Bar Introduction and Vertical Bar

    After a brief introduction, discover lots of new exercises done while holding the bar vertically.

  • Body Bar Strength

    Have fun teaching these brand new Body Bar strength moves to your clients and classes.

  • Body Bar Lunges

    Explore brand new ideas for lunges using the Body Bar: novel ways to use this simple tool.

  • Body Bar Squats, Triceps/Biceps

    You'll be surprised at the variety of squat variations in this video, plus some creative body bar biceps and triceps strengthening moves.

  • Body Bar Cardio

    A wide variety of cardio drills - from easy to challenging - using a body bar. You'll be amazed how fun and easy it is to get the heart pumping using this simple tool.

  • Body Bar - Core Exercises and Stretch

    This video begins with core strengthening on the floor, and ends with standing stretches, all using the body bar.