Seated Exercises

Seated Exercises

While we would all prefer that our clients work out while standing, some clients simply need to exercise while seated. Enjoy a wide variety of chair exercises in all three different planes of motion. I filmed three separate "seated" videos for you in each plane of motion, but also included excerpts from the "Easy Does It" DVD, where my assistant exercises in a chair during the entire workout.

Seated Exercises
  • Seated Chair Exercises Sagittal Plane

    Even though we'd all prefer our clients to exercise while standing up, some circumstances require exercising sitting down. You'll get lots of creative ideas of exercises to do in the sagittal plane in this short video.

  • Seated Chair Exercises Frontal Plane

    Fresh new concepts are always welcome for seated exercises! This video focuses on movements in the frontal plane.

  • Seated Chair Exercises Transverse Plane

    Lots of novel ideas for movements in the transverse plane while sitting in a chair.

  • DVD Excerpt: Easy Does It Warm Up

    This is the aerobic warm up from the Easy Does It DVD, with Sue’s assistant doing the movements sitting in her chair.

  • DVD Excerpt: Easy Does It Cardio

    This clip is directly from the cardio section of Sue’s Easy Does It DVD. The choreography is very simple, and her “Back Up Babe” is sitting in a chair the entire time.

  • DVD Excerpt: Easy Does It Strength/Balance

    You’ll see the strength and balance exercises done in the Easy Does It workout in this clip taken directly from the DVD. Sue’s “Back Up Babe” sits the entire time.

  • DVD Excerpt: Easy Does It Stretch

    The stretch portion of Sue’s "Easy Does It" workout is shown here, with Sue’s “Back Up Babe” doing all the stretches sitting in a chair.